Altrucoin Re-Launch Marketing Plans

As we get ready to re-launch the token for the Altrucoin project, we have started launch marketing to help stabilize the price of the token. The main goal of this marketing is to help mitigate the dip part of the spike/dip model that normally happens after launch. While this is a relaunch rather than a new launch, we expect that it will follow the same general structure.

Why Not Try To Drive The Price Higher?

We would be delighted if the price increases immediately after launch, but the main focus for this push is to mitigate any dip as much as possible. The main reason for this focus is the upcoming features. Marketing is most effective around large improvements in a project. While the new token has many improvements over the previous tokens, the upgrades are not as hard hitting as two of our upcoming features: the referral system and decentralized onboarding.

We aim to create two large marketing pushes, one for each new feature. The referral system will kick off an opportunity for effective business to business (B2B) marketing, and the decentralized onboarding will provide a massive chance for business to consumer (B2C) marketing. As these features are released, we will be able to make a more effective marketing push.

What Are You Doing For Launch Marketing?

The team is launching marketing on several fronts for the launch of $ALTRU: display ads, influencers, press releases, reddit posts, community engagement, and market making accounts. There is a brief overview of each below. After the campaign is finished, we will have some analytics on total traffic, total clicks, and how effective some of the methods were.

Display Ads

Display ads are what people most often think of when they think of marketing for tokens. These are graphics that are put on websites advertising the token, often in the top of the page or on the side of the page. We are doing display ads in two main areas — BSCScan and Coinzilla.

This makes up about 40% of the marketing budget, and we are tracking responses to see how effective each campaign is.

On BSCScan, we are running 3 sizes of display banner ads, spanning two weeks, with over 1.25 million impressions expected. They will show on address info pages and token info pages.

On Coinzilla, we are running 6 sizes of display ads, spanning two weeks. These ads will be shown on myriad websites, including coinpayu, viefaucet, cryptowin, coinpayz, and coinpot. Due to an update in Coinzilla’s (and therefore Poocoin’s) advertising policy, ads for tokens which are not yet tradable will not be shown. So ads will only show on premium sites after trading is enabled during the second half of the campaign. The first campaign will use about 25% of the funds dedicated to Coinzilla, and the second campaign that includes higher quality traffic (such as Poocoin) will receive about 75% of the funds for Coinzilla.


We will be launching a twitter campaign spanning over 30 twitter influencers. This campaign will run the day of launch and the day after launch, to maximize the number of views right as the token is live. This timeframe should give the best chance at mitigating any potential dip, and maximizing any spike.

Press Releases

We have press releases out on 16 websites. These articles help drive additional traffic and improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), showing Altrucoin in a wider variety of searches. While this does not provide a big day-one impact, it does help with long term search results and only represents a small portion of the budget. This also ties in with the larger SEO efforts through the website.

Reddit Posts

While display ads on reddit and paid posts/comments tend to be very ineffective, CMS posts can be effective. We are going to be running two CryptoMoonShot posts — one before launch and one after. These tend to have a decent return on investment and can bring new users to the project.

Community Engagement

We are doing two forms of community engagement marketing — a shilling contest and matching purchases. The shilling contest will start at when trading goes live, and will go through Gleam, a common giveaway program. It will randomly draw a winner each day from the people who shill and participate. The link to enter will be on the website and posted in social media when it goes live.

The other part of community engagement is matching purchases. For two weeks after the token launch, Altrucoin will be matching a random purchase each day. The additional tokens will be airdropped directly to the selected wallet.

Market Making Accounts

Market making accounts are the other major portion of the budget, also representing about 40% of the total budget for this push. Market making accounts are accounts required by exchanges that make trades during high periods of volatility, such as a token launch. These funds help support the chart and price at launch, buying and selling at opportune times to increase volume and increase overall price.



Altrucoin is a DeFi as a service platform designed to add features to any BSC token. Visit to learn about the project.

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Altrucoin is a DeFi as a service platform designed to add features to any BSC token. Visit to learn about the project.