Altrucoin Vault Migration Guide

This short guide will walk you through the steps to move your tokens from the old Altrucoin vault to the new Decentralized Onboarding one.

  1. Visit and open the old Altrucoin vault.

2. Scroll down and use the unstake tokens section to unstake your tokens. Early withdraw fees are disabled but the normal 5% exit fee will apply. These user exit fees are being collected and will be airdropped into the new vault after the migration is complete.

3. Click “New Application” in the top left corner.

4. Connect your wallet and navigate to the new Altrucoin vault.

5. Scroll down to the stake section, click “Enable Vault” and confirm the transaction in your wallet. After that transaction is approved, enter the number of tokens you would like to stake (or press “Max”), and choose your lock time. Click “Stake” and confirm the transaction to stake your tokens.



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Altrucoin is a DeFi as a service platform designed to add features to any BSC token. Visit to learn about the project.