Altrucoin Week 6 Recap

This week and next week are focused on the staking improvements. While we always have several things happening at the same time, the whole team is setting up for the V2 of staking, as decided by community vote. Below is a recap of some of the major updates from week six:

Staking V2 Development

We were super excited to reveal staking V1, and it generated a lot of buzz! It was a massive success with over 100 trillion Altrucoin being staked in the first 24 hours, and the APY soaring past 50,000%. This has since adjusted to give a more accurate and stable reflection of the APY, but it is definitely exciting for everybody.

However, there were some people that had issues with gas prices increasing on the BSC in order to use staking. We looked into it and found a couple of solutions. After letting the community decide, we are working on a second version which will fix the gas issues and add several new features. There will be a separate Medium article with more details as we get closer to release of V2.

Twitter and YouTube Promos

This week continued the marketing campaign that was launched last week. We partnered with multiple Twitter influencers to help promote the project, and got the first YouTube partnership! You can find the partnerships below, as well as in the media channel of our Discord server.

Crypto Brass

Kristine Krypto

Ruffley Crypto

The Money Ape

YouTube: Slance Digital

New Hire Interviews

We are always looking to improve our team. We started as a small four person team, with the plan to grow as the project continues. This week we finished interviews for our new social media marketing team member, who will be starting in week seven. They will be taking over day to day operations on social media to improve community engagement, increase post frequency, and allow Paul to dedicate more effort to the other parts of marketing.

Staking AMA

As part of the staking release and discussion, the CEO and CMO hosted an Ask Me Anything session to answer any questions that coin holders had about staking or marketing.