BankerDoge Launch Success and Post-Lanch Plans


After a massive presale, the much anticipated launch of BankerDoge was a resounding success! With over 4300 BNB raised between all the presales, the initial market cap was roughly four million dollars. Several hundred thousand dollars were spent on marketing, and the market cap post launch rose past 11 million at its peak.

BankerDoge has announced partnerships with nine other projects so far, with a combined market cap of over 23 million dollars at the time of writing. With all this going on, what is the team focusing on next? We have quite a few things that are going to be happening in the short term.

Sell tax reduction

With the launch successfully completed, the sell tax will be decreasing each day by 2% until we reach the final sell tax of 18% on September 29, just in time for our BitMart listing! This will allow for healthy fluctuations as more people buy and sell the token, generating reflections to holders and funds for the team to continue growing the project.

BitMart and upcoming exchange announcements

As mentioned above, the BitMart listing will be on September 29th. The team has already been through the process once with Altrucoin, and is making preparations now for a smooth launch on the CEx.

BankerDoge has already signed with two additional exchanges, with announcements on those happening soon. 5% of the total supply was set aside to help list the project on exchanges, and having 3 exchanges signed in the first week is great!

Vault development

Vaults are one of the core features of the BankerDoge project. We have already announced nine partnerships in addition to the BankerDoge and Altrucoin vaults. Development efforts will largely focus on launching some of these vaults next, as we continue to work with more projects to finalize additional partnerships. We expect to launch multiple vaults this week, and will continue to develop new features for more complex and customized vaults.


BankerDoge spent hundreds of thousands of dollars during launch, bringing in over 13,000 people to the telegram and millions of dollars in market cap. While we love the results, we are now transitioning to a more sustainable long term marketing strategy. The marketing plan deserves (and will get) a post of its own, but we have included some of the high level plans below.

  • By far the biggest and best source of marketing that BankerDoge will have is exposure to other communities. Continued development of vaults will bring in tens of thousands of users who are highly invested in cryptocurrency.
  • We have already worked with a cryptocurrency marketing company to develop a plan for web presence on forums, social media, and display advertising.
  • A more detailed report on marketing plans will be coming in the future.


The team completed a burn today, bringing the total burned to 10.59%, worth over half a million dollars! We will continue to manually burn tokens in the future to bring the total in line with the amounts outlined in the whitepaper.


We are hiring! The Altruism Protocol is hiring developers, moderators, and more in order to support the massive operation that we have going here. If you are interested in working with us, please apply here.



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