Decentralized Onboarding Marketing Update

Sales Philosophy

By far, the biggest source of leads that convert to customers comes from the community. Projects are significantly more likely to listen to their own token holders than to convert from an ad. Because decentralized onboarding focuses specifically on other token projects rather than potential token buyers, our approach will focus on these projects as well.

Gleam Giveaway

Description: Increase community involvement and have them engage with the other projects they are a part of. While this was available (and used) in the past, the steep decrease in price makes the new DO system much more accessible even to new projects.

Status: The Gleam recently started! Enter for your chance to win $50 worth of Altrucoin. Winners will be drawn daily and the Altrucoin will be sent to the wallet given on entry of the winner. Go to to enter now!

Lead Sourcing

Description: We will have two main methods of manual lead sourcing: Core team and Telegram Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

While the conversion rate is incredibly low for SDRs on Telegram, having multiple SDRs all working to bring in new projects allows us to take a “scattershot” approach, meaning we will be able to contact a large number of projects and hope that a few are interested after looking at the marketing materials. Any community member is also welcome to reach out to projects. Remember, any project that creates a vault and uses your name as the reference will earn you $50 in BNB or stablecoin!

The core team will also be reaching out to projects. We already have relationships with some projects, and will check with them as well as dozens of new projects over the next few days to open a discussion about staking through Altrucoin, either on the DO system or with a custom vault. The core team will also be approaching new projects each day.

Status: We have 3 SDRs reaching out to projects on Telegram, as well as each core team member of Altrucoin reaching out to projects. So far we have reached out to over 100 projects, and this will continue over the coming weeks as we talk to more and more new projects that would make sense to sign up with Decentralized Onboarding.

A large portion of new projects on the BSC are focused on Play2Earn and NFT features. The Altrucoin staking system already is equipped to work with Play2Earn projects, and we are getting feedback on the type of implementation they would want to see for a staking system to be successful in their ecosystem. While the staking system currently does not interact with NFTs, it would allow users to stake tokens to earn interest as they save up for NFTs on these styles of projects. We have had NFT supported staking vaults on the internal development roadmap for some time as a new vault type after DO launch, and expect this would also strengthen the appeal of Altrucoin’s system to these projects.

Website Split

Description: In the past, the main way for people to understand our system was to look at the website and telegram. However, we have two main audiences — holders and customers. The website included information for both, making it difficult for potential customers to easily find the information they cared about. We have now split the website into two sites — one for token holders and one for potential customers. This should allow each group to easily find only the information that they care about, preventing information overload with irrelevant features. Users can easily swap between the sites.

Status: The split is done, with the customer site at This is the site that all interested projects will be directed to, giving information specific to our products that they may be interested in. The token holder website has also been updated to allow easy switching between the token holder and customer websites. Additional small changes will be made to each site as we track information and analytics about how each is used and the most effective user path to get to the desired information.

Sales Deck

Description: In a similar vein to the website split, we have also created a slide deck as part of the marketing materials so companies can better understand what exactly our products provide and why they should care. While the website will act as an introduction, the slide deck will talk about the individual benefits for companies without getting bogged down in the technical details. This gives different levels of information depending on how far into the process the company is.

Status: The slide deck for the staking vaults is done and has been given to the lead sourcers to use with companies who want more information about staking. As other product slide decks are needed they will be created. We will also be developing a “one-pager”, which is a great introduction to friends of the team and community. It acts as a way to let people very quickly understand the basics of the staking vault while being brief enough to encourage follow up questions.


Description: There has been an increase in the number of projects that have turned to LinkedIn for B2B. While we don’t expect this to contribute greatly to the number of projects that join as customers, especially for DO, it requires lower effort than many other methods and has potential for customers and long term benefit. We expect that any customers from LinkedIn will likely be custom vault customers instead of DO, as they are more likely to be established businesses than starting projects. These customers would have longer development times and better vaults to showcase as examples, as well as providing a higher up front payment.

Status: We have started on the LinkedIn campaign, working with our growth advisor who has several years of experience working with LinkedIn for businesses. As mentioned above, this is meant to be a long term source, and we don’t expect any immediate leads, but rather a slow increase in the coming couple of months.


Description: ProductHunt is a platform that allows users and business owners to share their products with others who would likely be interested. It is comprised of high level employees and decision makers, as well as other interested parties. We plan to use the platform to gain additional market exposure to companies interested in web3.

Status: The team is in the process of developing the initial post and creating the supporting campaign necessary to make the post successful. More information will be given on this as we finalize details on the supporting campaign.


Description: Reddit still acts as a major platform for crypto discussions. We will use this to add more eyes to the project and encourage people to join the DO platform. While most subreddits with major exposure tend to also include mostly low quality content, this is another good potential source lead when the correct subreddits are used.

Status: The dive into reddit will likely start in the next two weeks as we develop content for each niche and put together the posts and media needed for quality posts.

Questions? Suggestions? Head over to our Discord and let us know!



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