Time Extension Presale System — BankerDoge Presale 2

Hello everybody! As you know, BankerDoge is always looking for cool and unique features that we can add to BSC tokens. One of those features that we are developing is the presale system that is being used to launch the BankerDoge token. Stage 1 was a massive success, with 250 BNB being raised in under an hour! We are looking to continue that success in stage 2.

One of the features that we have developed is a Time Extension Presale. We will be using that in presale stage 2 as a way to show it to our community, as well as to show it to other projects. Let’s take a look at how it works.

In a normal presale, there are a few things that determine when it starts, when it ends, and how much it raises. There will be a minimum buy amount, a maximum buy amount, a soft cap, and a hard cap. There is also an amount of time that the sale is active (for example, 24 hours).

In the Time Extension Presale system, it works slightly differently. There is still a minimum and maximum buy. However, the amount of time of the sale depends on the hype behind the project. The sale will begin with a timer, and when that timer hits zero, the sale ends. However, the timer can be extended by people participating in the presale.

For the BankerDoge presale 2, it will work as follows. The system to buy is the exact same as before — you enter the amount of BNB you want to use, click “contribute”, and it will move your BNB to the vault and save the correct number of tokens for you. The minimum buy is .01 BNB, and the maximum buy is 4 BNB. It will start with 10 minutes on the timer, and for every 6 BNB that is added to the presale, the timer will extend by one minute. So if 60 BNB is added to the presale, the timer will extend by 10 minutes, allowing more people to get in. As long as more people are joining in the presale, the timer will keep extending, up to a cap.

While we will have the time go up a consistent amount (1 minute per 6 BNB) for the BankerDoge presale 2, we are also working on a way that decreases over time to increase pressure. In such a system, in the beginning 5 BNB might extend the time by 1 minute. But after a certain threshold, it would switch to 5 BNB extending the timer by 30 seconds. Then after another threshold, 5 BNB extends the timer by 15 seconds. This would mean that the presale would need to raise more and more to keep the presale timer going, increasing the pressure. However, that is something that is still in development and does not apply to presale 2 of BankerDoge.

If you have any questions, be sure to join our AMA right before the presale at https://www.twitch.tv/altruismprotocol, or join our Telegram to chat with the CEO while the presale starts!



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