What Are Vault Levels?

Altrucoin has three levels of vaults: Standard, Partner, and Premium Partner. We have created these levels to help Altrucoin users quickly identify the amount of verifiable information available about a vault. While Altrucoin does provide these levels to help users, we still encourage users to do their own research. No cryptocurrency project is 100% safe, and users must understand what level of risk they are comfortable taking for any given project.

Standard Vault

Our standard vaults have the least amount of verifiable information available for them. This often includes projects that have very recently launched, are not available on multiple exchanges, do not have price information yet on CoinMarketCap, etc. While they can be “hidden gems”, they also inherently carry more risk in purchasing and staking this type of coin.

Partner Vaults

Partner vaults have gone through more rigorous screening. They have a publicly verifiable audit available, and meet at least 2 of the following criteria:

  • Listed on CoinMarketCap
  • The public sale date was at least 3 months ago
  • The identity of the development team is public
  • The market cap has been over one million USD for at least one month

While the risk of a scam is reduced for partner vaults, no project is completely safe. We fully encourage every user to do their own research.

Premium Partner Vaults

Premium partner vaults are those that meet the requirements for partner vaults, and that Altrucoin wants to spotlight. Even for premium partner vaults, users should always do their own research to determine if a project is worth investing in.



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